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C.R.C clan is clan greated by Kevin Vincent in 2012 at liberty unleashed [ In 24.11.2015 C.R.C becomed empire]




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Steam Group

C.R.C Bank website made by FriendlyGangsta




Emperor =  [Emperor.C.R.C]Neocortex





Normal members = anyone who carries [C.R.C] in their nickname






C.R.C base, cipriani restaurant, airport , casino, 8ball, ship and hood place, senate house, blue house, Old C.R.C base, Shoreside vale, saint marks, chinatown, stadium  and cartel mansion




C.R.C street [OFFLINE]






Friendly clans: 
Enemy clans:  DS and Uptown


neutrals(with peace): 

enemy players: Kevin
defeated enemy clans: none
dead enemy clans: mafialeone, diablos,
dead friendly and allie clans: none








                                                                                     Official C.R.C MEME:

















C.R.C means:






chicago rooftops clan




common reunited comrades




classic reinforcement commandos